Why I give up on New England

My family had such great hopes and dreams. We purchased a stately home. We have a beautiful son, two dogs and a cat. I have the picturesque life.

The price is steep. We are paying emotionally.

Our first week here someone called the cops on us, because my husband had California plates and was too loud. Nevermind the Harley Davidson across the street.

I joined moms Demand Action and got shoved by some Asshole at the Londonderry market basket. No one helped me. He pushed me like a man.

I got into politics, thinking I can dig deep into my circle and help with job creation. I end up being taken for a ride by Bank of New England. They refused to give me a campaign bank account.

I got to know my state representatives. Some are absolutely disgusting others get pounded into the pavement. The true revolutionaries are beaten down, till there is nothing left to give.

The racism here is unfixable. This place is so corrupt on so many levels. I may have a nice home but what good is it, if the people around me don’t like me for my ethnicity? White nationalists all around us.

After reading story leads. I got so disgusted I needed to go outside for fresh air. Thinking, what a waste of such a beautiful place. Trump stickers and flags everywhere. He’s telling my neighbors, to hate people like me.

I’m not safe here.

I had some hope when Andru Volinsky was running for Governor. That was gone, no offense to Dan Feltes. He’s a good man.

More hate. More grief. It’s hopeless here. Our current Governor Chris Sununu just doesn’t get it. If he wins, this state will slide further down a shitty path.

I’ll be happy to go back to Los Angeles where I belong. If I’m going to run for office, it’s going to be for my people. Los Angelenos!

New Englanders made it clear, they don’t like Mexicans, Portuguese, Puerto Ricans, Dominican, Columbian. They do not like anything that is not white and Christian.

This is why people don’t stay here. The corruption runs deep. I have had some problems in this state that I never ran into before. It’s time to fight back, call out all shitty State Representatives and get out of this suburban hell. I don’t want my son raised in such a place.

I do not get why people throw away opportunities with both hands? That’s lack of faith in oneself. It’s not a political thing. One could offer a package to create more jobs and the Republicans would rip it apart or Sununu will veto.

That’s why this place is hopeless! Hell, even some democratic lawmakers made me go WTF?!

The cretins. Never truly get punished. The state house just release a press release then hope we forget about ALL the incidents. I’m tired of nothing being done. This is high school bullshit. If New Hampshire was serious. They would dismiss the anti vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, flat out liars and frauds. They continue to run and win in this state. Everyone looks away.