From the Editor

Gracie Gato 


Guess who’s back? Back again? 

I want to express to the reader of this blog, I do use strong language and adult content. The reason being is the passion we have here at Granite State Buzz. Some may find it offensive. This blog started as a joke. Now we are getting real news leads, that are being kicked up to higher Media outlets. 

There is so much data coming in, we can’t keep up! More writers and more content coming in.

Changes are coming and we decided to take another approach to our blog. We are not going to call out one side of the aisle. We need to hold everyone accountable and create transparency. Once we accomplish that, anything is possible. We can move forward.

I’m not here to harass or intimidate anyone. I’m here to observe and report. I admit, the soft launch was amateurish with the potty humor. However – the more investigative reporting, the more things changed. Things got real. It redirected our purpose.

Let’s bring more of that journalism back.

Thanks for understanding, as we are a start up company. 

Gracie Gato