Granite State Buzz

Welcome to Granite State Buzz!

We are a production company based out of Los Angeles, CA / Nashua, NH. Granite State Buzz is working with Hollywood for a docuseries on New Hampshire politics.

When you think of a state with political cronyism, systemic racism, some of the highest cancer rates in the country and a decaying nuclear power plant without a viable escape route, which one comes to mind? Mississippi? Florida? Louisiana? Would you believe New Hampshire? One of the most affluent states in the country is also one of the most corrupt and poorly governed.

NHPolitics will be a docuseries, 60 minutes per episode drawing the public into an examination of corruption in New Hampshire Politics, the boys club, the racism, the sexism, the anti vaxxers, the child abusers, the sex traffickers, the neo nazis, white supremacists, and how it effects the U.S.

This docuseries will be a 10 part series.

60 minutes each in detail of different situations, taking place in a sleepy state of New Hampshire. We will go in depth, exposing the corruption and other odds and ends of this very corrupt state. There is so much to unpack, we have to break this up into 10 series episodes.

Stay tuned for more information.