Why stay in a state that hates minorities?

Why stay in a state that hates minorities?

Battle fatigue is real …but doesn’t last long.


Moments of doubt, we all have. I was ready to call a Real Estate agent and get out of dodge. However – Once we arrive back to my homeland. Then what? Los Angeles has this covered. New Hampshire needs a voice for those who are voiceless. The unrepresented. There is too much to cover here, to just walk away. I have months of data I haven’t even released yet. All that work, wasted? No way!

Progressives – I’m here to stay and fight! I can’t just leave and not look back. There is real corruption here. People switching sides, this cloak and dagger routine. I can spot this cabal type behavior, being in Tech most of my life. I’ve been in the Corporate world far too long. I know the games these people play. In fact, I picked up a few tricks on my own from these types. 

Don’t fall for it!

The people we elect in local elections. Research them. Don’t let them gain more power. Their job is to pit us against each other and laugh at the results. I’m tired of the NHGOP being so juvenile and NHDEMS for being so passive. Now, is not the time to shy away. It’s time to pull out every punch, point out the dishonest and dirty way, they play. 

This latina is putting on the Christian Louboutins, with the blood red sole and kicking up those heels in laughter. Laughing? Yeah – These people don’t understand the 21st Century so it’s easy to vet these morons. One by one. 


Let us stand together, and win this thing. VOTE TRUMP OUT!