What is going on in Londonderry ?

What’s going on in Londonderry? 


Londonderry has a history of embarrassing itself. This time it’s a Democratic lawmaker! Get to know  (D) Tammy Siekmann of Londonderry. 

I originally reached out to Siekmann, about an interview being the only democratic female in a male dominated, Republican small town. She sent me this E-mail. 

The Funny part. 

Siekmann, E-mails me directly and leaves out our mutual friend Laura to give me a chance to read what she thinks of me. Okay. Siekmann had then said she was ADVISED not to meet with me. Everyone knows I’m no gentleman. I want the truth. I won’t stop till I get it. Oh, who was it that said not to meet with me? Probably that other rag we all laugh at. You know which one. 

I’m so sorry friend. 

Laura (Who was unfortunately stuck in the middle of this nonsense) was poised and truthful. I’ll leave her last name out, out of respect. Thank you for telling me the truth. 

Siekmann wants to get a Restraining order against me. 

This is where it gets insane. Is it my race? Why would she automatically assume I’d resort to violence? I do use strong language but I do not threaten peoples lives. I tell the truth. I have the digital footprints. Look for yourself:


Why would one need a Restraining order, when I don’t even want to associate with this person? I think I need one !


Wait – Theres more. She said we were never friends on Facebook.

The context here is this. I had made a comment about Jared Kushner being a whore. My FACEBOOK FRIEND TAMMY, came to his defense. Wait, we were never friends. Right? 

How do these people get elected?

I did some light digging on Siekmann. Turns out this woman’s professional experience is being a gymnastics coach. How the hell did she get elected? Please research the candidates you vote for.

The Constant lying

She has already claimed I threatened her? Then she changes her story. Then I hear she went to the cops. I had to call Hudson Police Department on a State Representative that’s not even my Rep. I have my own problems with that person. Siekmann said she wanted a restraining order. I want to make this clear. I do not want to know her. I don’t care enough about her life.

I want her to stop telling lies, and trying to wreck my local professional associations. Luckily, I come from Los Angeles. She will never, ever really know how connected I am. 

Siekmann – Being the Chair of the Londonderry Democrats. This is catty, even for a 12 year old. She should not run for the Senate. She doesn’t have what it takes.

 Tammy Siekmann needs to step down. She’s just embarrassing. Stop talking so much shit. I don’t even know you.