Rage against the dying of the light

I sit out in the sun, surrounded by palm trees and swimming pools. Sun hitting my face and that sense of home. Every time I go out on a new adventure, I always seem to boomerang back to Los Angeles. The scent of Coppertone and familiar sounds, voices on Los Angeles radio. Yes, yes, this is home.

I came back with endless stories of my not so distant past. New Hampshire and its characters. I’m sipping lemonade and writing on my laptop. The movie is writing itself. New Hampshire politics is so bizarre, I feel like it’s years ago I fled that strange place. Almost recalling some of it like a horror story.

I find myself preparing for this production company’s first real film. The documentary and my descent into the chaos. The characters I’ve met. The politicians who used me for personal gain. The divorce story. I realize this crazy life of mine came full circle. There’s so much to analyze and create from.

My son Adam and I are happy to be free of the place that held us captive. In our hearts, minds, and soul. I really feel so much happier being who I am, where I am, and whom I’m with. My family. My son is really excited about being back in the land of the living.

My son and I leaving New Hampshire
Landing in LAX
Social distancing

The journey we have been on together, bonded us even closer. I never thought I’d love a human being as much as I love my son. I got him away from the riff raff of a very closed minded, cold, isolating place to the promise land. The stories I have to tell. There are many. Politicians and the cult members. New Hampshire did give me an experience and it will live in my soul forever. The life lesson was, don’t go gentle into that goodnight. Rage. Rage against the dying of the light. – Dylan Thomas

The human condition is one of many journeys. It has led me in and above heaven, purgatory, hell, frozen hell. Faced my demons and slayed them. (Figuratively speaking) it has been quite a ride. No regrets. Growing into my 40 year old self has been a very interesting ride. Interesting enough I wouldn’t change a thing.

Dante’s inferno ninth circle of hell. It was a frozen icy lake with no human warmth. Sounds a bit familiar?

The ninth circle of hell is divided into 4 parts. My friend George Hamblen named them: salem, Manchester, Derry and Londonderry. We had a good laugh about that. He’s a solid contributor of the film and our conversations consist of what’s going on at seabrook power plant. He’s the one who told me all about it.

I don’t blog as much as I used to. I’m building a production company “granite state buzz.” I figure the birth of the idea happened in the Granite state so why not? I’m sentimental that way. Writing a film has so many obstacles and facing everything that’s happened is a form of therapy. After this film, I have more interesting stories to tell. This one documentary about New Hampshire politics is my first saying goodbye in a artsy sort of way, to the place where it happened. Why I refuse to return. Why I don’t want my son to grow up there.

Late night ramblings of a creative mind. It’s a break from real work but what the hell? I got into contact with a producer who is interesting and she is a trustworthy friend and business partner. Los Angeles women unite! We had a FaceTime discussion about directions this film will go. We decided all this content won’t make the timeline for a movie. We need a docuseries. We now find we have all the time in the world. Season 1: episode 1. Is going to be the most important episode of them all: the pilot!

We have streaming services who are on the roster. It’s just a matter of time before this film is complete.

Thank you to all who believe in me. Know my true story. What I’m up to. How I’m going to do this. You are the real friends. To the others – who don’t believe I’m a actually pulling this off. Just watch and learn! Ambition is part of my inner self. I can’t stand to have all of this experience and not share this with whomever it can help. Being human and interacting with different types of people who don’t necessarily share the same ideas but get who I am. Thanks for the education. It was wonderful!

Back to work!