Open letter to the Granitegrok

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If you are not from New Hampshire, let me explain what the granitegrok is. It’s propaganda for the ALT-RIGHT. It’s a blog that takes screenshots of twitter feeds from random people they consider ‘persons of interest.’ This time they did it to me. Of course right?

Random screenshots were taken from my twitter account when I was feeling low and lost my aunt to COVID-19. I couldn’t go to her funeral due to the virus. It was heartbreaking. I wanted to run away and be with her. Well – Skip did it again. Spin the narrative. You’re an ugly soul, Skip. Truly.

Why do they feel the need to grab something, then spin a narrative? Granitegrok has no idea who my inner circle truly is. Let’s keep it that way.

These tea party lunatics get off on creating havoc and smearing people like me now? Trying to make a difference? Yet – you worship Corky Messner? Colorado Corky and the rest of those criminals? I actually had something to offer. I got nothing but resistance. I wanted my new home to do well. If you keep people nice and ignorant it’s easier to run a con, I suppose?

My “shitty attitude” As you say, comes from experiences with you people. Boldface liars and hypocrites. I’m actually quite pleasant, but I do get irritated fast when I smell bullshit. I knew you guys were sniffing around and I thought it was hilarious.

Why do this? Why do you take someone with ambition and the know how and kick them down because, they are not from New Hampshire by birth? There is a reason there is a residency requirement. I realize this is not Los Angeles and I don’t want it to be. However – this State is undervalued and mismanaged by a very corrupt government.

The way I have been treated here, has been documented accurately. This State is truly racist. There is a resistance to change. I find it remarkably stupid.

Oh and I’m always calm. Just because someone chooses to use adult language doesn’t mean they are uneducated or stupid. It’s conviction. I speak with conviction and you people don’t know the difference.

Why does the NHGOP vote against affordable insulin? I ask questions and in return I get “blah blah blah don’t get mad when we don’t roll out the red carpet.” Again – ignorance.

You love cutting up progressives. What have you done with your life, Skip? How have you contributed to society in a positive way? Run for office if you think you know it all. Please – I dare ya!

Get a grip, Skip. Keep your pinky up on that tea cup eh? Creeper. I’m here to stay. I really love my home. We will rise. We will fight. I’m not going anywhere.

This is the last I’ll speak about the granite grok of B.S.