NH politics: The documentary

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We already started filming and getting ready for Election Day. November 3rd is coming closer. We are already story boarding and organizing interviews. We are very proud and excited about this venture.

I did my last radio broadcast here:


I will be working full time on interviews from members of the DNC and other upcoming stars of the left. What it’s like to run for office in NH? I’m super excited about this project because we are coming in droves to make a difference.

I want to highlight the heroes of our granite state and the dark side to politics here.

This is happening ! Excited isn’t even the word to describe how I’m feeling right now.

Please remember this isn’t a trash piece. This is going to be fair. We will also have other contributors interviewing those of the right to place their claim to their constituents why they should continue to vote republican?

I’m working ! I’m working !