My 4 year anniversary in New Hampshire.

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This is a fish out of water story from the very start. Being from a large population metropolitan city to the country.

I noticed people are simpler. Hard working, blue collar area. I thought since we are living the life, why not help this depressed little town attract big boy corporations that will force them into re-vocational training? Also – they would be exposed to other cultures. This could curb some ignorance about race in general.

I decided to take this idea and run with it. I decided to run for local office and see what I can do. Well – you know how that turned out. No one could get passed the “you’re from California.” GOP knuckleheads don’t want me to change a thing. The kick backs are too good.

I decided since we are truly invested in this State, home ownership. We are going to stay and fight the good fight. Cause good trouble. We need to get rid of the current State Representatives and elect fresh blood. I can’t stand being embarrassed by a retweet from my current State Representative who still failed to explain why he voted against affordable insulin.

I’m 4 years in now. I’m adjusting to this new culture. I love my life, I love my family. However, New Hampshire politics is the most corrupt I’ve ever seen.

Why do I care so much?

My sons generation is at stake. That’s why I’m so loud about things that should be a no – brainer. School systems from what I’ve read in my studies, show intense corruption. Cover ups, mishandling of tax payer money. It’s outrage.

To those who think Hollywood is a shit hole. Research whom you elect. To think this is the town without pity. Everyone knows someone and they will pull strings and call in favors to kick someone like me out of Politics. Now, I’m happy being an observer and I’ve also moved on to many different projects in the pipeline. Thank you New Hampshire for helping the writers block!