I left New Hampshire!

Gracie Gato breaks her silence

The news I left New Hampshire on a permanent basis should be a relief to the New Hampshire GOP. I won’t be able to vote in that state again. (Pause for applause) However – the rough decision to leave my marriage was something completely different.

I won’t get into the details of he said she said. The marriage broke down in that state. He was home. I wasn’t. The problems I had with racism. The constant fights. I even stopped going to the store because I just didn’t want to fight with anyone anymore.

Being hispanic in a culture that hates anything different was hard. I wanted to make things different. I tried to fit in. I even tried to run for State Representative to bring big business in for New Hampshirites to have a chance to better their financial situation. My goal was to bring corporations in, to regulate the ongoing dysfunction of the NHGOP.

I had the perfect home. I fled. Nazis in the school districts. (Yeah, I’m looking at you Dawn Johnson.) https://www.nhpr.org/post/anti-semitic-post-brings-calls-laconia-state-rep-resign#stream/0 I refuse to let my child grow up in a abusive culture. It was too much.

I’m back home in Los Angeles rebuilding a life for myself and my son. I want him raised with acceptance and versatility. I want him to interact with all kinds of people, not isolate him from anything different.

This new chapter of my life will be a new beginning. New career in film and television. My son will grow up to be sensitive to all cultures and follow my teachings of love, and helping humanity.

Right now I’m helping my elderly mother with kidney disease and hoping I’m a match for her. I’ve decided to give her one of my kidneys to keep her around for another 20 years. I’m not ready to let her go just yet.

My son is thriving beyond my expectations. This has cemented the decision I made was the correct one.

I’m writing this to inform people who think they are stuck in a hole. If I can make this drastic change so can you, if you feel your soul is being eaten alive. It’s not selfishness it’s self preservation. For my son, myself and recover from the heart ache of divorce.

Love to those of you who stuck by my side during the reign of terror I received in New Hampshire. It isn’t a welcoming place for people like me. I wish things were different. I wish people would realize America is full of different types of culture, music, etc. Welcoming that would give the soul growth to realize we are all the same regardless of color, upbringing, political ideas, etc.

I traveled all over the world. New Hampshire was one place that will live in the back of my head forever. The people I’ve met were either phenomenal or plain crazy. I couldn’t do it anymore.

The film documentary will reflect that. In retrospect, you helped me grow as well. To live an authentic life. Not one of conformity.