Governor Sununu vetoed HB1375


Governor Sununu vetoed HB1375.


This will endanger and prevent women, children, and families from accessing healthcare.

Mindi Messmer stated. 

HB1375 would have provided the courts with a clear legislative path necessary to protect women, children, and other family members when they have been exposed to toxins. The law would have protected victims from industry intimidation through threats to expose their private healthcare records when requesting medical monitoring to understand health impacts from toxin exposure. Plaintiffs often drop out of the pursuit of justice due to threats of release of private medical records, which may contain details, for example, of sexual assault.

Check the roll call sheet, find your State Representative and call them OUT!

 Mindi Messmer calls out Sununu

In his veto statement, Sununu said he had concerns relating to the “impact it would have on businesses and consumers.” Clearly, this measure would have protected consumers, and the Governor chose to protect polluters like 3M, Saint Gobain, and DuPont rather than the people who voted him into office. This is a blow to many who had worked on this important legislation starting in 2017 when I first introduced it.


In case it didn’t show before, the NHGOP is putting Industry over the people of New Hampshire.

Another politician on the take, embarrassing New Hampshire again.


Good looking out Mindi!