Destination unknown

Sometimes as we get through life’s rough patches, it seems like the universe is opening up another life path. My marriage was turbulent but I never would have had an awesome son, with such a beautiful heart. Out of the ugliest situations, there is always a light. He is definitely mine.

The sacrifices one makes as a parent. The lengths we go through to ensure their safety is almost primal.

The perfect house, the perfect wife, the perfect life. Something happened and the life plan just vanished. Who could have predicted this? I am to return to New Hampshire. This time a divorced woman. It’s hard. I wish things were not so hard. I am a Californian by blood. To leave home, restart and uproot in uncertain circumstances is rough. I guess this is a lesson on learning to be still.

I am apartment hunting in the Granite State. While a homeowner, as my soon to be ex husband and Father of my child occupies the house. It seems odd to feel so alone.

Let’s see what this second go round in New Hampshire brings. The NHGOP will be pissed I am going to be back. Busting balls on social justice issues. Who knows where this is going. Looks like the universe is calling me back. So, there ya go.