I caught some flack from the neighbors, here in New Hampshire who are very opinionated and let’s say very passionate about their politics. I keep getting the same ol’ “ALL LIVES MATTER.” Of course that’s true, but the likelihood of getting curb stomped, and beaten to death over a simple traffic violation is not likely to happen if you’re white. 

Daryle Jenkins of the One peoples project:

I’ve been talking to my dear friend Daryle Jenkins. He has an incredible history of Anti-fascism, anti-racism, protector of all LBGTQA. He’s the founder of the peoples project.

Watch his documentary, Alt-Right-Rage. If you click on the link, you can watch if you have Amazon.

Our usual phone calls consists of punk rock, nazis, racism, and everything under the sun. We will be causing GOOD TROUBLE at Copley Square, in Boston tomorrow, Sat, Oct 17.

This is a call to arms, for those who want to help in New Hampshire. Show up, Show out! Come on Black lives matter – Nashua. Let’s bump elbows, and take down racism together. This is a call to those who believe we are ALL equal. Racism and authoritarian rule. We will not comply. 

Get Involved!

This will be a peaceful protest. Also – masks are required and social distancing. We do not condone violence towards the Police.