Bank of New England SUCKS!

Bank of New England sucks!



When I was running for State Representative for the state of New Hampshire, I called The bank of New England. I figured, since I’m going to practically marry my state, what’s more New England than The Bank of New England? I called ahead of time to ask if they did “Campaign accounts.” When one runs for public office, you are required to send your drivers license, EIN #, and social security card. 3 major items to open an account. The woman on the phone seemed to be pleased to help. However – It was too early to open it yet. I loved her customer service tone and told her I’ll be back with all 3 items and set up an ACTBLUE account.

Fast Forward – 2 months later.

I called back to open my account and I was transferred to an Account Manager at the bank. Let’s call her Ms. D. She was a delight to talk to. She collected my information and said she will have her Senior Manager go over the details, and go from there. I sent her VERY sensitive information via E-mail.

One week later – Follow up. “Hey, it’s campaign season. How long will this “investigation” take? I could hear it in her voice she may have been told to buy some time, or something. Somehow, she said she’s waiting on the “INVESTIGATION.” I thought this was normal, considering the stature of the request.

The following week: I called again. I asked why is it taking so long? I need it now to set up, ACTBLUE. Ms. D. said, with a heavy sigh. Her exact words were “THIS ISN’T THE BANK FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN.” I asked her point bank, was it my skin tone or party affiliation ? She seemed startled and backpedaled. She said they want accounts that would “Stick around for the long term.”

Okay – WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?? I sent her everything needed, the Bank waited TWO weeks to tell me “This isn’t the bank for my campaign?” What does THAT mean?

This is the Time line:

May 12.
Sent the necessary information to validate who I am.

May 18. No response, so I started inquiring.

May 29th – I sent this email.

Original Email Enclosed
Bank of New England E-mail



Something was definitely unsettling. So – A friend who is running for State Representative of New Hampshire for his district, decided to give it a try. He got an account in a day and a half. No INVESTIGATION NEEDED.


Once my friend got his account, I immediately called the bank and questioned them point blank on why I didn’t get an account but my friend did? The Account Manager cried. She told me she will contact the higher ups to give me an explanation. A simple, why? I just want to know WHY? To my face.

My friend wants no association with the Bank of New England, after proving there was indeed discrimination. Guess what color he is?



My friend closed his account, and he called Bank of New England out for racism. They disclosed MY account information to him, LYING saying I never sent them an EIN number. I have proof of that too. 

This bank has no shame at all. 


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  1. Mrs. D

    Ms Gato I am a representative of the Bank of New England and I can assure your readers that this is not an accurate account of the non-incident.

  2. GracieGato

    Non-Incident? I have the emails. Try again. I know when I have been discriminated against. YOU know for a fact, you stalled my campaign. Once this site is up, I promise you this story has much more meat. I documented everything. You said “This isn’t the bank for your campaign” I didn’t imagine that. I asked if it was my skin tone or my party affliation. YOU BACK PEDDLED. You called ME after I sent an email inquiring what’s taking so long. Don’t you dare for a second, LIE about this incident. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU.

  3. Carol Stamm

    Unbelievable! Will never do business with that bank.

  4. A proud NH Republican

    Get over it Gracie, they were obviously telling you that you can win because you are a such a Karen. They knew from the beginning that you are a fake.

    1. Gracie Gato

      The GOP does this dirty shit. I’ll be exposing you. Don’t you worry asshole! One white supremacist at a time. Oh Latina’s can’t be Karen’s. Go back under your rock. Racist piece of shit! You can’t even leave a name? That’s what a chickenshit you are.

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