Bank of New England part 2

Bank of New England

It was a late afternoon and I got a phone call. It was the CFO of the bank of New England. He said “We may have not been fair to you Gracie, how can we make it up?” However, they admit no fault.

Gave a number. I could tell they were not serious. CFO said he couldn’t get the bank to approve the amount. Human rights commission has stated they cannot delete any correspondence, hard drives, emails, etc. By law, they have to try to settle this out of court. It’s in the human rights commission handbook. This wasn’t something that came out of their hearts. They just got caught.

Now I get a letter, from a lawfirm backing up the bank. Telling me the word “investigation” was never used. That’s a lie. They lied to the FDIC. They lied to my friend George Hamblen, volunteering information to someone who isn’t my family. tsk tsk. This bank is too much. The correct answer should have been, “we cannot discuss that.”

In comes George Hamblen:

I first learned about Gracie’s Bank of New England issue when I saw her post on social media. It really struck me as odd. New Hampshire has one of the largest congressional bodies in the world with over four hundred state representatives. The representatives run for office every two years. A conservative estimate would be two people running for each seat or eight hundred people. That is a lot of bank accounts. Why wouldn’t the bank want a piece of the business? Those kind of numbers would drive a significant amount of transactions and business. The second item which seemed odd, was Gracie was only opening a savings / checking campaign account. How could anyone not get approved for an account, when it’s essentially their own money and not a loan. Something felt very wrong.

It just so happened I was also running for state representative and needed an account. I decided to see for myself how the bank would react if I tried to open the same account. I contacted Gracie and told her my plan. I just needed to know what type of account she tried to open and I would open the same account she did. Once I got the information from her, I went into action

Being Covid era, the account needed to be opened over the phone rather than in person. I called the bank and told them I was running for state representative and needed a campaign account. The bank assured me that would not be a problem, once I was approved. They simply required my personal information and an Employee Identification number or EIN. I was very clear about the account being used to fund a campaign. Within 24 hours my account was fully approved. Not a single issue along the way. I chose not fund the account.

A few weeks later I was contacted by the bank asking me why I did not fund the account. I explained to them it was the way Gracie Gato had been denied an identical account. I explained I could not do business with a bank which has such inconsistent policies. I asked them to close the account. To date they have not done so after repeated requests.

CFO says “policies have changed.”

They deny everything. I have witnesses. Idiots.
Human rights commission is on it!

This letter got rerouted so many times. I didn’t get this till recently. They got my address completely wrong.