Al Baldasaro is a right wing nutcase



We expect a certain amount of immaturity in Politics. However – This guy is raging war on Democrats to win his re-election to the Trump base. Look at this kiss ass, and the head of the Gestapo.

Al B with President Bone-spurs, Draft dodger.


The alt-right, free-staters and so forth. He does NOT Represent all of Londonderry, if citizens are under attack for simply being Democrats. Look at these Facebook posts from his feed? These are VERY public attacks. Not only is he always threatening someone. He is a dangerous figure, spreading disinformation.

Here are a few screenshots of his work. 











The Confrontation

While Rep. (R) Al Baldasaro should be spending all his time and energy, making Londonderry GREAT AGAIN. He’s just another insecure, ALT-RIGHT asshole. He has no interest in making his constituents happy and heard. He’s only causing more divisiveness and sending hate messages about Democrats. This isn’t the trait of a great leader, he’s a chump.

He actually blocked ME for questioning his sanity. He WAS under investigation before, for harassing Hillary Clinton. It’s well documented and can be found here:

Here is a transcript of what a beauty this man is.

A real humanitarian. 



My open request to Al Baldasaro. We are on to you! We do not need a White Nationalists propaganda freak in office, making laws for only white citizens of New Hampshire. I’ve seen your voting record. You’re not interested in making anything better for your constituents. You voted against the insulin bill. I have the roll call sheet, that I had previously published. 

Here is some more history of Al Baldasaro, doing his woman hating schtick. (Yeah, I used yiddish) 

Watch this YouTube video of Al, NOT APOLOGIZING to Hillary Clinton for his comments.