Tea parties are for little girls!

Since I had written my last blog. I was greeted with a lot of people congratulating me on my new found freedom. People from New Hampshire who can’t wait to leave!

The Latino caucus I will miss the most. As we aired our grievances, and talked about what it’s really like being hispanic in the whitest of white cultures. The gun nut conspiracy folks. The religious, the libertarians, the white nationalists. The market basket mentality.

Small towns don’t like “different.” I had some very rude people straight up tell me to go back to Massachusetts. (I’m not from MA) I had one woman approach me and ask “what are you?” My reply is always “human.” “No, no what is your race?” I said Mexican and they give me the shocked look. Not all of us are little brown people you know? I’m of Mexican/German ancestry. However – they only hear the word Mexican, as if it were a dirty word.

Gracie Gato reading some right wing bullshit 2021.

Others, are quite obsessive and down right weird. I now have an obsessive blogger who can’t seem to stop talking about yours truly. It’s like a sewing circle for the far – right. Skip is the editor of Granitegrok.com. The TMZ of right wing bullshit. They are no different than a tabloid. They take a story, pick it apart. Add some fairy dust of fantasies with some glitter on it. Call it a day. Skip, the editor has been slamming me on his blog. This made me cringe, and is downright creepy.

I wrote something that came from the heart and I meant every word. That blog post was more personal than I ever truly get online. Of course they tore it apart and added their own spin to the story. It was personal and they had to inject a huge amount of bullshit to a story that was honest.

First off – why spend so much time “finding out” and getting “tipped off?” I live my life for my son and I. It seems Skip, (that’s a grown man BTW) is obsessing over the fact I’m in the middle of divorce. Writing it up like some sort of fan girl. Does he think he’s got a shot? He’s like an adolescent boy who puts a frog down a girls shirt because he’s infatuated. It’s creepy! His looks dont help, he looks like the owner of a white van with blacked out windows. Am I going to need a restraining order for this tea party freak?

Check out his biography.

You may be wondering who is or what is the granitegrok? http://www.granitegrok.com

Who is the granitegrok?

They are a political tabloid much like TMZ. Misfits and social outcasts. Sometimes they do hit on a story that is noteworthy. There’s the honesty. Most of the time when trying to decipher a story, they are dead wrong. Maybe you should get to know us “progressives” as you like to label us. One size fits all mentality.

Both sides of the aisle are pretty fucked up in the world of New Hampshire politics. I’m not turning a blind eye to the Democrats who are just as corrupt as your average GOP state representatives. I ran into them myself.

I’m not going to live in New Hampshire again after the very real racism that is very much alive in those parts. I’m not a politician so why document what I’m doing? I’m a private citizen. So, why give me so much space in your brain? Or the time and effort? I don’t matter to that state anymore. I’m back home, with my closest friends and family. The artsy crowd, musicians, painters, actors, radio broadcasters, entrepreneurs. You know? My people. People with vision. Ambition. Fire. Family means the world to me.

My soul was being eaten alive there. I set up a series of interviews from various organizations. That lead to many hours of footage that told a desperate story in hopes it gets out of the bubble. We (my business partners and I) found if we pivot a story outside New Hampshire about New Hampshire politics, only then it gets some traction. This lead to the documentary I’m doing with some Hollywood folks who love a good train wreck. I got the content! Most of them are floored and wonder how you sleep at night ?

Is Kimberly Morin still mad because I was going to dress like her for Halloween 2019? I couldn’t think of anything scarier. My son vetoed the idea. He got scared. I said it’s okay honey, she is scary. Scary stupid!

Christian evangelists have nothing better to do, than talk a whole lot of shit and publish. The only reason I moved there was because my ex husband got transferred to Boston from Los Angeles headquarters. He is from Massachusetts. He has family in New Hampshire. I’m always happy to live out a new adventure. There was a honeymoon period since I’m so politically active. I went to the Mecca ! It was nice for awhile til the oddities started to pile up. One or two dysfunctional assholes are one thing. It became a daily occurrence! Even my pharmacist at the local drugstore told me “why did you move here from Los Angeles? Can we trade places?”

“Go back to commiefornia” that was another frequent taunt I heard while doing time in New Hampshire. Yet – you guys can’t get enough of our culture. Citing movie quotes with great ease. White women injecting their lips and getting tits and ass implants to look like us “women of color.”

Truth doesn’t matter to these types. Mouth breathers with no flavor. No wonder they look my way for something to talk about. They are so boring ! Plain, bland white toast.

I’m moving forward with my life. It’s awesome. Why don’t you do the same, Skip? You’re too old for that nickname. Tea party? Really? It’s laughable how dumb you people really are. I pity you. TEA PARTIES ARE FOR LITTLE GIRLS! Enough of this he-man woman haters clubhouse.

Get a life. Live outside of your bubble of stupidity. You may surprise yourself. Maybe you can learn a thing or two about the human condition.


Fuck off!