Welcome to Granite State Buzz.

Boy, did we have some adventures during Phase I of the roll out. We definitely stirred the pot. I shook out the bugs, now I have an abundance of data here we are going through. Our mission, is to collect data from what’s really going on in this dysfunctional state of New Hampshire, and kick it up to bigger news outlets. We will call out, every racist in office. We will call out every bill that was vetoed. Remember – Politicians work for us. We are their boss. 

Thank you everyone for your support! What we had before is called a “soft launch.” We were just having fun, messing around.

However – The feedback was so good, we are turning this into a real Company.

Thank you all so much for enabling me to get the truth out about our State. Let’s face what’s wrong with New Hampshire, and fix it together. 

Grace Gato